3D printed simple biped with 4 servos

Here’s a simple biped I’ve printed using my Makerbot. It’s printed in clear PLA, which I think looks quite nice. The design is rather poor, but it walks ok. This one here runs with a standard radio control, but I’ve tried it with Arduino and Launchpad MSP430 also. Maybe I’ll fix it up to look a bit better.

It uses 4 cheap servos from Hobbyking, and a cheap remote from Hobbyking. You can easily build this robot with wooden sticks or similar, without a 3D printer. There are several examples on Youtube of this. This version is not as complex as my other biped, but this one is much simpler to build (and control). It uses a 2 cell LiPo battery and an ESC to convert down to 5V for the receiver and servos.

The 3D model is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11325

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  1. can you email me the code to the project or give me the direct link to the code please. I am interested in starting creating robots so i wanted to start simple. This is a great project, excellent job!!! I have seen your other projects to and they look great!!!!! So if you could be email me the project to this FOUR SERVO BIPED please to [email protected]. Thanks so much and great job.

  2. The above video is cheating. I’m using a radio control to control the servos (same as running a radio controlled car). But I have another version which is radio controlled by a TI Chronos Watch. Which platform would you want to use to control the robot? Arduino or MSP430/Energia? The servo code to get it working is quite simple, so I could guide you in the right direction.

    1. OK. I don’t have Arduino-code for it, but it’s really easy to make. You’d use the Servo-library in Arduino, defining each of the 4 servos as a separate servos and then making functions that move each of the servos in certain ways… that’s be the easiest/fastest way of doing it, though there are probably more intelligent ways of doing it.

      So first something like:


      Servo leftankle;
      Servo rightankle;
      Servo leftthigh;
      Servo rightthigh;

      void setup()

      The make functions where you independently move the servos, using commands like:


      You’d need to work out what the angles are… and maybe make separate functions for step-forward, step-backward, lean-left, lean-right, dance… etc… and publish it open source and many will like it! Link a post here…

  3. Thanks so much for the code. By the way I am new to building robots and the code makes since but i need servo motors and was wondering what servo motors you use or what servo motors i could use from radio shack, Fry’s Electronics, etc…. Also there are PARALLAX 900-00005-RT at Fry’s and was wondering if those are for RC cars or can I use the servo motors to go to certain degrees and back. For example going form 90 degrees to 0 degrees and back 90 degrees and so on. Not just a continuous rotation. Please help.


    P.S. Thanks for your reply earlier I appreciate how your active and reply to comments on your webpage unlike some webpages. Good works

  4. Yeah I will try to post a link of the code over the summer I just need to get the servo motors and try, I’m not sure how long it will take for me build the robot. It isn’t too complicated, but I am a freshmen in high school and do soccer so I have other things to do but i will post the code when I’m done with parts of the project and the final project.

    Thanks Andres Mendez.

  5. I have decided to use 6DOF Biped Robot Educational Robot Kit Servo Bracket Ball Bearing Black with 6 pcs MG996R Servos and I will use the SSC-32 SERVO CONTROLLER with Arduino to control it over Bluetooth.
    could you help me , how can I write the code for servo motors ?

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