LCD Booster pack – first versions ready

I have made three LCD boosterpacks for the MSP430 Launchpad or other 3V microcontrollers. These are based on the Powertip PE9665WRF display with the ST7579 controller. The screen is small (28x19mm viewable area) and requires little power (0.2mA). It is SPI-based, has backlight and  has 96×65 dots. It’s a perfect display if you need a cheap, small and low-power display for your next project. If you want to make your own boosterpack, I can also sell the display itself. I have bought a bunch of 250 displays, so need to get rid of them. I won’t be making any money on these boosterpack. I’m doing it for fun and learning. A first batch will soon be available in the store.

The boosterpacks are currently in their first version, and may evolve and be improved from this description. The packs are:

  • LCD Touch Boosterpack – a classic boosterpack with the LCD and 4 capacitive touch button areas (the display isn’t touch-enabled, in case you were wondering, just the 4 areas below the screen).
  • LCD Button Boosterpack – can be a classic boosterpack to mount onto a Launchpad or it has a place to put a DIP MSP430 onto it, so you can use the Boosterpack without a Launchpad. Also has room to solder on a regulator in case you want to run it off a battery.
  • LCD Watch – not really a boosterpack, as it won’t fit onto the Launchpad. It’s smaller in size and is meant to be part of a wrist-watch kit.

There is more info about the boosterpacks on a permanent page here on my blog, including a link to a video.

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