3GSM in Barcelona

I’ve now returned from 3GSM in Barcelona. There are of course many trends as always. Which ones become big will only be seen with real deployments some time in the future. Some of my thoughts are:

  • IMS is dehyped, but convergence is not. I think this probably means IMS is finally ready for real life deployments. Technically we know that there is still some way to go before IMS could be succesful.
  • The operator’s own Community of Mobile Instant Messaging is turned more towards a message of SMS Evolution. Colibria has been preaching this for many years, but now many other vendors are also. If the operator is to launch their own IM service, they have to tie it very closely to SMS. The conference had a lot of talk about the demonstration of interconnect between Telefonica and Vodafone.
  • Mobile TV seems to be hot, but it’s not definite which standards will be used, and exactly how it’ll be deployed for more mass market applications.
  • Many other cool niche applications and concepts. For example, I talked to a company that makes a special textile that is push sensitive and can be made into keyboards, built into jackets etc. This will have lots of cool applications.
  • Windows Mobile 6 has been launched. Seems to be better.
  • Nokia S60 are launching Open C (ability to use open libraries in Symbian), which will make development and application porting easier.
  • TrollTech showed their Linux based development phone GreenPhone. Very cool, both the design and the concept.
  • GPS in Mobiles
  • Not as much mobile social networking as I’d expect. Though there were discussions regarding Vodafone’s exclusive deal with MySpace.
  • And lots of other stuff.

3GSM Barcelona

The time for 3GSM is approaching. What will be the major trends? I think quite clearly Mobile Instant Messaging will be big, with a dedicated stand area and many vendors and operators showing success stories. But what will be the other trends?

Where did IMS go? Will we see the IMS hype return? How about push to talk? Any success stories there?

Social networking and blogging on mobile is bound to be present… who’ll be presenting the most interesting stuff in that respect?

I’ll obviously be there and will try to report a bit about what’s happening… still 2 weeks to go though…

Cool Apple TV gadget…

I really like the Apple TV box that Apple has presented. I have long thought that the best positioned companies to present such a solution have been Apple, Microsoft and Sony. Interestingly only Microsoft seems to have gone for a standard PVR type solution, while the others will have to be based on more on-demand TV. Maybe the first product I buy from Apple?

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Social networking and instant messaging in Europe

I’ve been able to find quite a lot of good bloggers and researchers in the US who focus on instant messaging and social networking. I haven’t found much in Europe. Does anybody know of people in Europe who do research on this? Colibria held an operator summit last year in Lillehammer, and we asked Richard Ling from Telenor R&D to come and talk about IM and SMS, and he made some good points. Just ordered his books from amazon. Other people and sites?

Will and should social networks go mobile? Or will mobile go social?

Fred Stutzman just wrote a good blog article about what will happen in 2007 with social networking. His opinion is that social networks will not have success with going mobile in 2007. That may be true or not, but if they do, what sort of things will they have to consider? Social networks are now very web browser focussed. People long hours on these sites, editing their own profiles and viewing others. It isn’t given that a successful mobile social network would be exactly the same. These are some of the questions we have to ask:

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Telenor’s new MSN IM client

Telenor launched an MSN service on a few handsets some weeks ago. Not a very impressive client and user experience at all, in my opinion. It’ll be very interesting to see how successful this is in the Norwegian market, which has very high MSN penetration. It seems Telenor are cooperating with MSN at this point rather than launching their own IM service. Despite the much-too-basic user experience, I’m pretty sure this will be so succesful that it’ll hurt their SMS revenues.