Cheap Beer gun alternative

I’ve wanted to move beer from my keg into bottles for easier transport and give-aways, but the devices on the market (counter-pressure fillers and Beer-Gun) are quite expensive. Especially considering that I’m only going to use it a bit. so I made this device, which I can mount onto my perlick faucet, with a CO2-connection on the left. I use the CO2 to fill the tube and bottle with CO2, and the tap to fill the beer. I managed to fill bottles today with minimum foam, so I guess it’s sort of working. I’ll consider some improvements, but it worked for now at least. I’ve ordered some stainless tubes from aliexpress that’d look prettier.

It consists of a 10mm copper pipeĀ for water, an aluminium tube on the left for co2, and an aluminium tube that I made some holes in. The pipes are soldered into the block using ‘food-safe’ solder and a blow torch. Very very cheap to make.


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