Christmas Gadgets

For christmas I got some nice gadgets…

  • Tomtom XL
  • DMA-1000
  • QNAP TS-209

Click to read more about them…

  • Tomtom XL – my conclusion is that although I have several phones with GPS in them, I’d like a dedicated GPS unit for my car. I think this raises an important question. “Which things should we converge and which things are better kept apart?” My conclusion so far on the car GPS is that although the phone can have more functionality on this than a car GPS, I think I’d still prefer a separate unit for the car. I wish however that the GPS would borrow some things from the phone, especially a better localized content interface allowing for internet based tourist guides updated as you drive. That’ be a good addon to the car GPS and I’m looking forward to getting that. I was in spain some weeks ago for a weeks holiday and that’s exactly what I’d like there. More information like “what to see and do in this area”, which still isn’t available on Tomtom.
  • DMA-1000 – a module for watching video, pictures and playing music on the TV, with HDMI. This unit has done badly in reviews, mostly because it doesn’t have WiFi. But I don’t want Wifi on it anyway, and I was actually quite pleased with it until it crashed after a firmware upgrade. I’ve already got a good MythTV setup that has most of the same functions, but I wanted to test how this would work in a separate unit together with a NAS. It’s sort of a cheap low-end Apple TV (which apparently works quite well when it’s been cracked). I recommend this unit if you’re looking for a cheap way of watching videos off your PC on your TV. It’s cheap, the quality is good and the setup was easy (though the firmware upgrade seems to have some issues). I fail to see how the more expensive units really are worth the extra price, until you end up with something like an Apple TV or a PS3/XBOX360, the latter being a bit noisy for my taste.
  • QNAP TS-209 – a NAS, network drive. This is also a really cool unit that I’m very happy about. It is a file server, a web server, a download server, a mysql server, a DLNA/UPNP server, a backup server etc. I could have built one from components, but wanted to get a standard box. I’m very happy about this one and definitely recommend it.

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