CNC Router

Below is  a video of my DIY CNC router and a picture of the first thing I made with it. It was a really fun project and wasn’t too expensive to make. The most expensive were the stepper motors. The dimensions are 50x50x20 cm.

The CNC router is made using:

  • MDF
  • Sliders for drawers bought at ‘Biltema’
  • Stepper motors from
  • The motor controller that Tom McWire posted at (Eagle files are at this link). A microstepping controller such as the one they have at might be a better option (more torque and can probably go faster), but the Tom McWire one is really cheap and it worked for me. I added isolators to protect my parallel port. I’m planning on implementing a current limiter instead of the light-bulb, which will hopefully give higher torque at higher speeds. As the motor goes faster, it needs higher voltage to draw the full current. Right now the router only does 1.5 mm/s which is quite slow.
  • EMC2 router software.
  • A really old PC power supply (for the motors) I thought I’d never use again.
  • A cheap dremel-like machine.

This model comes with EMC2, so I tried this first. The CNC router used 2-3 hours to make this figure. It’s only 10cmx10cm large. I may have been able to run the motors faster, and with a different controller maybe even faster. But I didn’t take the chance as this was my first model.

My DIY CNC router at Youtube

9 thoughts on “CNC Router”

  1. Flott ruter! Holder på og bygge min egen for øyeblikket. Har motorene og gjengestenger, men er enda ikke helt sikker på alt.

    Hva er effective travel (hvor langt) går skuffebeslagene?

  2. What are maximum working dimensions? Are these sliders reliable? What accuracy you can reach? How to make it move faster?

    1. The slides are sort of accurate, but not to a tenth of a millimeter I think. It can move faster by using belts rather than a threaded rod. Then it can move very fast, but is not quite a strong (depends on motor). Probably strong enough.

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