CNC Upgrade finished

I have finally finished the CNC upgrade. The CNC now has:

  • Improved electronics: GenY32 (this upgrade made a big difference in speed and usability).
  • Improved sliders from drawer-sliders (doesn’t make such a huge difference I think)
  • Improved threaded rods (proper ones made for CNC operations. It now moves much faster)
  • Other control software (Using Chilipeppr, currently with GRBL, but may move to tinyg)
  • New Spindle (I changed from a Dremel-copy to a 300W spindle bought from China. Much quieter and seems to work better)
  • DIY couplings made out of plastic on my lathe and manual router (the rods fell off a few times before I understood how to make them. Hopefully they’re holding tight now).

There is quite a lot of testing left, but at least I’ve made my first foam figure 🙂 … see the video. Another older video also available shows the build half way done.

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