Finally brewing beer again

I stopped brewing 11 years ago when I got kids, and finally I started the hobby again. I digged deep into my savings and bought a Braumeister. I have been thinking of making an automatic brewing machine of course, for many years, but in the end I just bought one. And I’m really pleased with the result. Ehh.. well, the beer isn’t finished yet so I haven’t tasted it, but it looks promising.

I’m brewing an Ale called Lucky Jack, and here are my notes:

  • Yeast: WLP001
  • Final volume 21 liters (approx)
  • OG: 1.045
  • Final: ? (not done yet… bubbling away)
  • Fermenting at approx 15C, which is probably too low…
  • Edit: Final gravity: 1.012 (means the beer is about 4.3% strong?)

Dreaming about making a measuring device to count bubbles and upload stats to a web page.

Here’s a picture of the Brewmeister brewing:


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