Kid DIY snowmobile (snow scooter)

I’ve made a snow-scooter for my kids, using motors from It’s running on a 12V battery, though the motor is rated to 24V. It doesn’t go very fast, but I guess that might be a good thing. With a higher voltage lipo battery, I guess it’d be faster. Maybe I’ll make an electric car this summer, using a better battery.

I’m planning to add a h-bridge based motor controller, controlled by an Arduino. I’ve got the motor controller made, but I’m wondering how to do the mechanical speed adjustment (the throttle or pedal). The video shows the first run. The design is a bit ugly, but it’s just a prototype at this stage. I wanted to know whether the motor was actually strong enough. It is, but it struggles up hill or in loose snow, so I’ll check out some better batteries.

The steering wheel is attached to a ski that’s for a kid’s sledge.

The wheel on the back is made from a sewage pipe, sawed over, with a round wooden piece on each end. I’ve mounted ball bearings on it and fastened it to the box. The pipe is covered with a rubber mat that’s for the baggage room of a car, and the belt from the motor to the wheel is a fan belt.

I’ve added some small wheels that push down on the belt, making it a bit tighter. Without these, the belt sometimes slips. It was easier adding such extra wheels than making the belt tighter by moving the motor. Ideally I should have mounted the motor on a frame that I could have screwed away from the motor, making the belt tight.

Here’s another picture of the inside of the box.

Another video, showing the inside the motor box while driving the home made wheel.

Update: I bought a 22V LiPo battery (3300mAH), and it’s scary how fast this thing is now. I think for the kids, 12V is probably enough. But the motor is definitely capable. No problem there.

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