Reset hack

The standard LCD boards has a reset circuit connected to the reset pin of the MSP430. This makes debugging with the LCD board connected a bit more difficult. Here is the information from Mika on how he did it:
I studied a bit more about the reset-line, because I thought the problem was there, since TEST-pin was not connected to anything. So, I first again removed the other one of the resistors and tried to upload the code, but it didn’t work. So I put the removed one back (R1 or R2 don’t remember), and then removed the other and tried again with no success. I started to think that the resistors were too weak for proper operation so I changed both R1 and R2 to 10 kilo-ohm resistor. I plugged the board on top of the Launchpad, inserted the USB-cable and VÓILA it works! Code uploads with no problems at all.

Then I wanted to use the debugging option too, so I removed the R1 resistor (which now was 10k) and I soldered a jumper-wire from P1.6 to the reset-line of the LCD. Yet again I plugged the board in and tested. Code uploaded nicely and now I was able to even run the code in debug mode so that the text would not disappear from the screen while debugging and hitting F6.

Here’s the schematic changes if you like:

And here’s the screenshots of the required changes in code (only reset-line operation):

in lcd.c

same file.

With these modifications, one is able to use the LCD boosterpack in debug mode!

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