Mig welder

I’ve bought a mig welder now. A MIG160S from Toolfarm.no. Don’t have a lot of time to test it, but here is a welding test. Welded two square tubes together and smoothed out the weld with an angle grinder afterwards. Someone told me welding is too hard core to be nerdy, but it is a lot of fun. Am working on a small electric gokart and a pkastic injection molder.

Welding is much easier than I thought. It’s definitely hard core, with temperatures around 10000C, but with this MIG welder, it’s pretty much like a glue gun. The welder has a metal string that feeds through a glue-gun-ish device. When the metal string hits the metal you’re welding, it heats up a lot (10000C +/-), melting the metal wire and the metal you’re welding. I’ve been using flux-core wire, which means you don’t have to use an inert gas in addition, and it gives ok results. I’ve heard using gas gives even better results, but I figured I should practice without first. There are lots of really good welding videos on youtube.


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