My own diy home designed printrbot alternative

So, it’s not really a printrbot, but I’m making a similar design. Just to test it out. The guy behind the design hasn’t shared his files (yet), so I had to make them myself. I’ve just made the base so far. I think it’s a simple and effective design… well at least it seems good so far. Good work Brook. It’s really amazing how he’s gotten so much backing with deliveries promised some time next year. It means there’s really interest out there for a simple 3d printer at low cost.

Here are two pictures of my version. I guess I could share the stl if someone wants it.

2 thoughts on “My own diy home designed printrbot alternative”

  1. Hey there, I see you are also developing a printrbot-like reprap. Great work so far! Would it be possible for me to have a look at your stl files? Thanks!

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