Olabil – play car

I built this car for my kids… it was a fun project. (A soap box car)

5 thoughts on “Olabil – play car”

  1. The blue string goes through the floor and pulls back the two bars on the second picture, which then hinges on two screws and hits the wheels.

  2. I am interested in building my first soap box car with my son and yours looked really cool… I was wondering how much did it cost to make this car, how much time did it take, and would it be a good activity for me and my 13 year old son to do together?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It’s a very good project for doing with a 13 year old kid. The costs in Norway are probably different from where you are. The wheels were the most important and cost about 80 USD here in total. They’re probably cheaper in other countries. The rest was material I had around.

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