Play time counter with MSP430 and launchpad

We have decided to just buy one DS, but we have two kids. When we’re in the car, there’s a constant question of when the ‘swap time’ is. So that we don’t have to keep track of time ourselves, I made a watch that counts down from 10 minutes and then plays a sound. It uses a Powertip PE9665ARF-001 display to show the remaining time, and an MSP430 value line MSP430G2452 MCU.

It’s of course silly to make something like this, but it’s fun.

The PE9665ARF-001 display is really cheap (only a few dollars) and uses a Sitronix ST7576i I2C driver. It’s a really nice display and works brilliantly. Most importantly it’s super cheap, much cheaper than the other displays from Sparkfun or similar. I’ve bought it from Arrow.

I’ll post a picture later when I’ve put it in a box, but the following is a picture of two prototypes, one on a breadboard and one on a prototype board (this is the one I’m going to print a case for).

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