For those considering a new 3D printing, there’s a new printer on the way that might be worth considering: The printrbot. It seems it might become a cheaper, less complex build. But the project is still in its early stage, and lots of people have signed up, so it might be worth considering how it proceeds. If you’re in a hurry and haven’t ordered already, you’ll be back in the line.

Other alternatives are the Prusa, Orca and of course a Makerbot. The Prusa seems to be a well adopted open source alternative and is pretty easy to build. I built mine using the Gen7 electronics, but I could also have used various others, including the very simple but effective Sanguinololu. I might order a Sanguinololu kit to test it out. Hey, maybe I should try to build my own mini printr bot. I wonder if the design could be simplified further. If the printrbot design really holds the vertical rods steady enough, maybe one could make the frame from wood. I could use my CNC to make more of the parts, and it should be cheaper and faster to build. Hmmm… it could look something like this:

I wonder when the great product designers will come in to the 3D printer area. (I’m not one of them 🙂 … )

Funny, as you’d think there are many great designers working on 3D, but they all look quite ugly (Orca sold at mendelparts at least has a nicer look, but Makerbots are pretty ugly in my opinion). How about a retro design. For example, rebuilding an old something (toaster?) into a 3d printer? What would make a good, nicer looking frame? The printrbot concepts might be quite good at fitting into something else… like the dashboard of your car 🙂

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