Program a launchpad in my lab and see it on a webcam

I’ve now added a feature in Inventortown which allows you to use the online IDE to program a device that sits in my basement with a webcam pointing at it. Log into inventortown and click ‘Webcam’ to see it. A static picture of the project right now is shown below.

2 thoughts on “Program a launchpad in my lab and see it on a webcam”

  1. My first servo broke down after a few days. Let’s see how long this larger one lasts 🙂 I’m going to make a board with some more visible fun features to play with. More visible LEDs etc. I’m just working on updating the MSPGCC first to support the newer chips that come with Launchpad.

  2. The second servo is starting to get stuck some times. I’m impressed it last so long actually. I guess I have to move to some static components though…

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