Raspberry pi rover using webiopi

Here’s a simple attempt of making a Rasperry-pi rover, controlled by WebIOPi. The script I’m using is on bitbucket.

I’m using an L298 board from aliexpress or dx.com to drive the motors, which are cheap two DC geared motors. Go to Aliexpress.com and search for ‘L298’ and you’ll see plently of motor driver boards.

Basically you connect the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi to the motor driver, and the nset up the WebIOPi with the correct GPIO outputs. I’m using GPIO 17, 27, 22, 10,9 and 11 (there are two way of numbering GPIO pins on the Pi, and this is the number with GPIO first. See the picture here for example.

To use the v2 of Raspberry Pi, I had to do some minor code changes that I found on Google (sorry, lost the link).

When installing the corect WebIOPi script, I get the following controls on my web page:


With these I can control the rover, which looks like this:


With a webcam connected and using the instructions from PiEye, I’ve been able to drive it remotely with a streaming web-cam.


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