2 thoughts on “Raspberry PI + tube amplifier + full tone speakers makes a cool retro player”

  1. Brilliant – this is a really great combination of old and new technology.

    I’ve tried something similar myself but wasn’t too happy with the audio signal coming from the RasPi. I don’t consider myself to be an audiophile, I just didn’t like the way it made the speaker cones jump at the start and end of audio playback. I’m hoping this is just a shortcoming of the ALSA drivers and will get fixed some point.

    When I get a chance, I will have to look into enabling Airplay, it looks like a great way to get a totally integrated system.

    Details of my setup can be found here —> http://oddwires.co.uk/?page_id=71

    1. I am definitely not an audiophile either. The sound on mine seems good, without the problem you describe. I guess you could try a usb soundcard if there is good one with raspberry pi support… Might defeat the purpose 🙂 … Nice site you have btw.

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