Reprap Prusa w/Teacup Gen7

This is a page about my Reprap Prusa with Teacup firmware and Gen7. I’ve got a blog post about it here and here, and will fill in more info.

My teacup firmware is available here. Note that it’s not done configured, as I don’t have the extruder connected yet. I’m using mechanical end stops, and I’ve got the X endstop on the MAX-port but using it as a min endstop. Might be other adaptations also I can’t remember, so USE it at your own risk. In fact, don’t use it as it is. Just look at the config files and copy to your config the things that make sense.

From my blog post. Will update eventually:

I’m building a Reprap Prusa. This is a Reprap version which is cheaper to build. It was easy to print and easy to build. PLA bearings seem to work ok. It’s not done, so I haven’t actually printed anything real yet, but the controller is working, moving the parts around. The parts are:

  • Plastic parts printed on my Thing-o-matic.
  • Motors from Zapp Automation.
  • Gen7 Electronics. Bought a kit from “Traumflug” (Markus Hitter). Seems to work well so far. Running teacup firmware at the moment. Thanks to “Traumflug” for good support and help.
  • Smooth bars are aluminium rods from Maxbo. The steel ones were much more expensive. Aluminium cost a few dollars per meter. Not sure if they are good enough, but seems ok. I sanded them with very fine sand paper to make them smoother, and the parts move very smoothly.
  • Timing belts and lots of other minor stuff from Elfa. The timing belt was  a 10mm wide belt, split in half.
  • Extruder… not done yet. Trying to make my own.
  • Software. For the thing-o-matic I’m using ReplicatorG, which I really like. I haven’t found something as stable and solid for a Mendel yet. Tried the reprap software and repstrapper, but I’m not really happy.

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