Revisiting MSP430 RF Booster pack

I decided to have another go at the MSP430 Launchpad Booster pack, and I’ve been coding and testing away today. I thought I’d use the cheaper MSP430G2231-chip, which comes with the Launchpad originally. But I failed to read the user manual properly 🙂 and didn’t realize TI has swapped the MISO/MOSI pins on the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ value-line chips. So to use the cheapest chips, I have to install a jumper… I hope I didn’t blow my module testing it.

So, the question is… if I make a library for the Launchpad RF Booster pack… should I aim to support the cheaper line only supporting USI or should I aim for the more expensive ones supporting a more advanced USCI… different code for accessing the hardware registers. Different jumpers (jumpers that aren’t in fact jumpers, but need soldering)…

4 thoughts on “Revisiting MSP430 RF Booster pack”

  1. I recently hit the same issue with SPI pin swappery in Launchpad models. To my surprise, this was the relevant result I could google for. I have to say I find this pin swappery (first, UART, documented, now SPI, not really well documented) somewhat astonishing – at first sight, they want to compete with Arduino (and AVR in general), then they do such things which compatibility and rather unsupportive of people who try to establish Launchpad ecosystem. I rant on at

    1. Yes, it’s surprising… I don’t understand why they did this. I really like their platform for development, but this part is very annoying.

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