ROV Submarine

Here are two pictures of my ROV.

I’ve followed various instructions on the internet, such as, and others. It’s built from an IKEA shelf :-) but I’m planning to make it more beautiful eventually. I’ve got two versions of the controller, one just using switches and one using an Arduino Microcontroller. Using a USB extender over network cable for the camera.

I got a bad itch from the epoxy. Please be careful with that stuff. Use better gloves than I did.

It has two forward thrusters and one up/down thruster. I used props for a model RC plane, but cut off the tips. The motors are made from bilge pumps. I use a network cable as a tether to send control signals from the surface + a thicker 12V power cable. The network cable is connected to three switches on my ‘remote control’. Each switch controls a relay in a water protected box on the ROV. This way the tether is just used to carry the control signal, while the power is a single wire. I planned to implement an electronic control system, but haven’t yet. I also have an additional ethernet cable as a tether, which uses an USB-to-Ethernet connector to display the signal from a water-proofed camera on my PC. You can see the water-proof camera box in the front. The black box on the end is where the relays for the motors are.

The vertical thruster burnt out at the bottom, so have to build a new one. I’m not happy about the cheap bilge pumps I bought. Maybe I should have gone for Rule like everyone else does. I’ve ordered some motors from AllElectronics that I’ll use to build my own waterproof thruster.

Both the casing for the electronics (back) and the camera (front) turned out to be water proof, which was a positive surprise.

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