Sending RF from Chronos watch to MSP430 Launchpad

I tried implementing SimplicTI on Launchpad, and while several people have done it, I ran into various issues. So instead I decided to implement proprietary RF on Chronos and send messages to my Launchpad RF Boosterpack using my LarsRF library.

The code is for controlling as small 4-servo robot. See the code in my Github repository.

While in the acceleration menu on the top line of the Chronos, it sends X,Y and Z coordinates as a packet (with some useless overhead that should be removed). These values are received by the Launchpad using the RF Boosterpack. I’ve based the Servo code on RobG’s code. CorB pointed me in the right direction on the Chronos code. Thanks to both.

Most of my time was used trying to figure out that I was using the wrong frequency settings. Since the crystal on the RF Boosterpack is 27MHz, you can’t just copy the RF settings from the Chronos to the RF Boosterpack. That was quite embarrassing not to realize at once.

Will add pictures later.

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