I find the emergence of mHealth really fascinating, and would really like to work more in that space. There are so many devices and markets that could see huge growth the next few years. Most of it seems to be happening in the US, which is natural, but it’s starting to come to Europe also.

Some interesting links I’ve found are:

The markets are quite diverse. The areas could be:

  • Weight loss and fitness. Huge market.
  • Chronic disease monitoring and treatment, including blood pressure, diabetics, oximeter etc
  • Follow-up of pregnant women.
  • Emergency (device calls emergency number for you when there’s something wrong)
  • Pharmaceutical trials.
  • Part of research programs to follow up patients. Weight, blood pressure, oximeter and pedometer are some examples.
  • General health info. People seem interested in collecting family health data in one place.
  • Vets?

There are several initiatives on the wireless device front, including Continua, ANT+ based (Garmin etc), Wifi etc. It’s going to be a technology war, and it’ll be interesting to see who wins. The client side is also important, and there are already a huge number of iPhone apps regarding health and fitness.