DIY Hovercraft

Since I got some spare brushless motors when I built the quadcopter, I thought I’d make this simple radio controlled hovercraft that some people have made and posted on Youtube.

I’m not quite happy with the controls yet. I haven’t implemented a gyro on it, and the turning servo isn’t turning enough (too low angle), so it’s not easy to control. But it’s fun anyway. It runs inside and on the road outside, but can’t go over any large obstructions.


And a video:

Bluetooth remote app on Android

My first Google code project. It’s an app for Android that connects to a remote bluetooth module over serial, which in turn can control various remote controlled vehicles, planes etc. The project is here. Feel free to check it out. It’s quite basic at the moment. It is based on this Bluetooth terminal program and the Bluetooth examples from Android.

Here’s the screen. Quite cryptic at this point. The background shows the ‘chatter’ with the module, sending the throttle, pitch, aileron and rudder. As you can see, it’s not quite error-free at the moment, so I wouldn’t use it to control a fighter plane quite yet.

I’m planning on using it on the quadcopter, if I can adapt the protocol to be fast and responsive enough.


Building a quadcopter

I’m trying to build a version of this quadcopter based on a wireless MSP430 module. I’ve done quite a lot of work on this module before, so I thought it’d be a good starting point. I’ve made a first prototype with some stuff I had lying around, but have ordered some brushless motors from Hobbyking to see if that maybe works better.

Maybe I’ll connect a bluetooth module and run it from my Android 🙂

Thanks to thanhTran for making a really cool concept and provide such great support in the forum.

Note: The motors weren’t powerful enough to make it lift off. I have to wait for some motors from Hobbyking. I just hope the one’s thanhTran mention on the link above are powerful enough. The firmware seems to work, though I guess it has to be tweaked.