T-962 Reflow oven

I’ve wanted a proper reflow oven for a while. The hot-plate works well, sometimes together with the hot air gun. But for some projects it would be better with an oven. Many people build their own, but while I’d love that project, getting hold of an oven here in Norway would end up being almost as expensive as this cheap alternative: T962 from Puhui. I did a lot of googling before buying one, and it has some bad reviews. In fact I’ve found it difficult to find positive reviews. But I bought it anyway, and so far it seems the reviews are wrong and it works fine. The reviews do indicate that the soldering profile is slow (the watch is not real-time), which seems correct, but the oven works well. I’ve only used it a few times, but except two tomb-stoned resistors (attached on one end and lifted up so it doesn’t attach on the other end), I’m happy about the results. I think the tombstone is probably just a matter of tuning the profile + stencil, and since I’ve only used the default profile No. 1, I can’t say I’ve tuned it to perfection. My first impression is at least that I can recommend this product and that the reviews are not balanced. It seems many of the reviews are people who bought it from ebay or aliexpress, but I bought it straight from the company website, which might be better. It arrived here 4 days after I ordered it, shipped with DHL.