MSP430 Launchpad RF based motor controller

There’s this kid who wants to control a tank from his standard remote control, but it’s been difficult to find the right parts at the right price, so I made a component for him.

It’s basically a motor controller, powered by an MSP430 that takes PWM input from a standard remote control’s receiver. It can drive back and forward. It’s based on the cheap value line MSP430 that comes with the Launchpad.

It receives the two PWM signals from a standard RF receiver, takes the time of the PWM pulse the receiver sends (typically to a servo), calculates whether it should be moving the motor forward or backward, generates two new PWM signals and control signals for a cheap motor controller called L293D to drive the two motors of the tank. It can go backward and forward. I’ve made code examples that uses two sticks, one for each motor, and one that has a more traditional left, right, forward, backward control. The MSP430 code is posted below. Feel free to use the code as you wish. Give me credit if appropriate.



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