North Face Ultra Trail

A good friend of mine completed the North Face Ultra Trail this year. He’s done a great write-up that really brings the whole thing into perspective. I’m so impressed.

… The longest individual event is also the oldest of the four – and is named after a popular hiking circuit around Europe’s highest peak, Mt Blanc.  The UTMB race is “usually” (organizers change the route depending on weather conditions) 166 km long and involves a cumulative ascent of 9,500 meters and the same elevation descent as the route loops around Mt Blanc to finish at its start.  To put this in perspective, Mt Everest is 8,848 meters. Although the highest peak is a  “mere” 2,537 meters, there are about ten serious mountains to climb (and descend) before making it back to the start line…

Leaving Colibria

I’ve worked 10 years at Colibria now, since I founded it together with Oddleif, Simon and Lars. We have had many exciting years, with both disappointments and great victories. It has been such a great ride.

Colibria is at a milestone now, with the sale of the IMPS business unit to Synchronica. I think it’s a good deal for Synchronica, Colibria and the customers. It allows Synchronica to further strengthen its offerings and it allows Colibria to focus on what we do best. I’m confident they both will be successful, and most importantly I think this is the right thing for our customers.

So it’s probably a silly time to leave, but it’s also a good time for me to give my responsibilities here to others and let them do it their way. I’m still a shareholder and believe strongly in the team that will continue the work. I know them well, and they are good at what they do, probably the best. They have what it takes to continue building value in Colibria and be successful in the IMS market. I have been so lucky to work with so many great people and I have learnt so much.

Now I’d either like to start a new company or join a startup. I really find the eHealth business exciting, so I’d like to move into that. I think my background in software development, telecom and community services should be valuable in the health industry, especially as there is an increasing number of patient empowerment services on the way. I’ll work at Colibria till the end of May and will then move on. If anyone wants to get in touch after that, send me an email on my private email.