Tube Amplifier

New hobby project starting up! I’ve ordered a kit called DIY-K-16LS from Got it very quickly. This is the picture from the website. I also ordered the tone control kit.

It arrived quickly and with no problems. Thanks TubeDepot. (The kit is actually from S5-Electronics, but is resold by TubeDepot).

I built a box:

Then I used a Router to make the edges smooth (overfres in Norwegian). I varnished it with ‘Dark Oak’ varnish. And started building the kit. The tone control kit isn’t assembled yet. It’s on the right hand side of this picture.

I’ve now put an aluminium sheet on top, drilled holes in it and it looks like this. Have also sawed the sheet in two, so I can fix the transformers and still open the other part.



6 thoughts on “Tube Amplifier”

  1. Excellent hard-core Hi-Fi, I like it! I think if you wanted to really go for it you’d replace the transformers with toroidal ones for better noise and maybe think about changing those resistors at the front-end with wire-wound ones.

    I’d be really interested to know if you can hear the difference, especially when playing CD’s. You’d probably want to play a bit of classical music off a vinyl record to exercise the full dynamic range.

  2. Yes, will consider the toroidal transformers. Would that give me more output power also? Or is that based on the rest of the design?

    Which resistors do you mean? The big power ones? All of them?

    Another thing someone has done is to remove the capacitor from the signal path on the input. Not sure why they’re there. To cancel noise? (these are the ones next to the input in front)

  3. Have you got a schematic of the amp that you can put on the web-page? I’d love to see what they’re doing, even though I don’t understand valves at all. Looks like you’ve made lots of progress since October. Those aluminium caps on the board are the cheapest and crappiest you can get. If you wanted to be more hard-core you could try tantalum bead instead.

    It looks like it’s finished, is it?

  4. Hi. The case looks pretty decent. I like it. Elegant I would say. Could you give the actual dimensions of your case?

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