Upgrading my CNC

I’m planning to upgrade my CNC. I’ve bought new sliders, new threaded rods and new electronics. I’m hoping in particular the speed will be improved.

Just to give an impression of the level of upgrade, here’s the new board next to the old. The new is a SOC-Robotics GenY32, and the old is a McWire Stepper board from Instructables-instructions. To be honest, the old board was working well, and it was a fun DIY build stepper board at quite a low cost. There are no big issues with it. I just felt like upgrading it I guess.

These days there are probably cheaper DIY alternatives than the McWire board. One reason I went for the GenY32 is that it can (soon) run the TinyG firmware, but it also allows for using the parallell port (with EMC2 or similar). It just felt more flexible.  Well, the setup is not up yet, but I’ll post more info as the build progresses (slowly).

NewBoardHere’s a picture of the old CNC. As you can see, the electronics board is on the left, the sliders are from drawers and the rods are normal threaded rods… The Dremel probably needs upgrading also.


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