Walking robot insect

I was inspired by this page, which describes a robot project with a walking ‘insect’ made from 3 servos. I bought three really cheap tiny servos from Mikronor and built the following robot. It walks forward, backward and turns a bit. It looks a bit confused, but it’s actually doing as programmed. The Arduino program is also at the same page. Thanks for the ideas.

The body is made from plexiglass that I sawed with a small saw and shaped using a hot air gun. It’s not really heavy enough, so it sometimes slips on the surface. I’ve got rubber feet under, but it actually walks better when I push down on it with my finger.

Youtube video here and a newer version here.

Some more pictures on picasa. I’ve now modified it to make it a bit more front heavy (put on some coins) and put a push button switch in front so that when it crashes into something, it backs off and turns around and tries again. Very simplistic control on this one. The tank-thread robot I built has more advanced controls with distance sensors etc.

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  1. this field of science intrigues me so much! i am 13 and i would love to one day work as an engineer on NASA spacecraft but after seeing this page and after actually building one myself i love it. my friend, he wants to get in at a university using nanobots and insect robots to capture everything on a minuscule camera on the insect. it is so interesting and i wish to learn more!:D

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