What to do with motors?

Some months ago I went wild buying motors from allelectronics.com. Some of them I’ve used for some toy projects for my kids. But most of them I haven’t used yet.

I bought some really tiny motors (I didn’t know they were so small). I’m planning to make some really tiny remote controlled cars.

Lots of stepper motors (for the CNC, but I ended up buying proper ones from another source).

Some big ones. The plan was to build a car for the kids that they could sit in and drive around in.  Or build a segway… Could I build an electric toy snow scooter? Would it work? I haven’t gotten around to making the motor controllers as I haven’t had enough time.

The motors are just lying around, and I need to do something with them. I’ll do some projects when I get the 3d printer, and I really want to get started on the ‘soap box car with a motor’ for the kids. Those motors are really cool.

Right now I’m working on making a GSM enabled watch, and a watch for kids. I’ve been quiet for a while, but it’s because I’ve been setting up my company and have been a consultant at customer premises doing some embedded projects. That gives me less time for the fun ‘home projects’.

Any suggestions to projects are welcome.

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